ICC 20 years

The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) organized the seminar "Role of the ICC in the fight against impunity and delivering justice to victims. Cooperation with national authorities" in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Mr Andres Parmas, Board Member of the Trust Fund for Victims, moderated the panel session "Role and activities of the Trust Fund for Victims in providing reparations to victims and their families". Franziska Eckelmans, TFV Legal Adviser thanked Estonia for its commitment and long-standing support. "The Trust Fund for Victims brings justice to victims with a participatory, community-based and inclusive approach," she said. Aude le Goff, TFV Programme Manager, highlighted the importance of engaging with States and cooperating with the ICC to effectively address and recognize the harm suffered by victims and survivors. "TFV is focused on social cohesion and being next to the affected communities to implement reparations and provide assistance," she remarked.
Ms Laker Joyce Ocen, Programme Manager of AVSI Foundation, presented a case study of the ongoing assistance programme in Northern Uganda.