Spain reaffirms its commitment to the Trust Fund for Victims with a substantial increase in its contribution

Spain reaffirms its commitment to the Trust Fund for Victims with a substantial increase in its contribution


The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) at the International Criminal Court (ICC) welcomes a substantial increase in voluntary contribution from the Kingdom of Spain of EUR 250,000 this year. This generous unrestricted contribution will be used to redress the harm suffered by victims of Rome Statute crimes, through reparation awards ordered by the ICC and other programmes for their benefit.


Welcoming this substantial contribution, Minou Távarez Mirabal, Chair of the TFV Board of Directors stated, "The Trust Fund for Victims extends its sincere thanks to the Kingdom of Spain for its increased financial support this year. Spain's commitment greatly aids the TFV in its mission to assist victims of crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, as well as their families and affected communities.”


H.E. Consuelo Femenía Guardiola, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to the Kingdom of the Netherlands stated, “Spain highly values the assistance and reparation work carried out by the Trust Fund for Victims, which goes beyond the trial of the perpetrators of international crimes and places the victims in the spotlight. Caring for victims is a fundamental principle of our foreign policy.”


The TFV relies on financial contributions to implement its programmes. Unrestricted voluntary contributions, such as this donation from Spain, are important to allow the Board of Directors the flexibility to allocate the resources to programmes where it is most impactful and necessary. The TFV also welcomes contributions from States Parties’ development and cooperation funding, where possible.


Since 2004, the TFV has received over EUR 48 million from 52 States Parties and individuals. This year, the TFV has increased contributions from States Parties by at least 35% from 2022 from at least 24 States Parties. The Kingdom of Spain has been supporting the TFV through voluntary contributions since 2006 and continues to do so regularly.


With the voluntary contributions it receives, the TFV is implementing reparations programmes for victims of crimes against humanity and war crimes. In 2023, the International Criminal Court has concluded the first judicial cycle marked by the completion of the TFV reparation programme for victims in the Katanga case.  The TFV continues implementing reparations programmes for victims in the cases of Lubanga and Ntaganda (Situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and in the Al Mahdi case (Situation in Mali), while awaiting the reparations order in the Ongwen case (Situation in Uganda).


The TFV has other programmes for the benefit of victims which provide medical treatment, trauma counselling, education, socio-economic support and peacebuilding initiatives. Such programmes are currently being implemented in the situations in Central African Republic (I and II), Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Georgia, Kenya, Mali and Uganda.


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