The survivors of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide need your help. We welcome financial contributions from private individuals, foundations, corporations and other entities, and we will use these voluntary contributions to fund projects that benefit the victims and help rebuild communities.

We also welcome in-kind donations, in the form of expertise, materials, or offers of partnership. Our partners can be non-profit organizations, like members of the United Nations common system, international or national non-governmental organizations, or sections of national or local governments, and private institutions and organizations. We are very interested in exploring consortium efforts to implement activities that aim to alleviate the suffering of victims.

In 2011, the TFV Board of Directors adopted “Guidelines for accepting private donations”, in accordance with Regulation 24 for the Trust Fund for Victims. This policy document can be found here.

You can make a financial contribution to The Trust Fund for Victims through PayPal or direct bank transfer.

For donations over USD 5,000, please contact us directly at

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