Impact is one of the strategic goals of the Trust Fund for Victims (TFV):  

As a result of the implementation of reparations awards and assistance programmes, victims and their families overcome harm, lead a dignified life and contribute to reconciliation and peacebuilding within their communities. 

Impact is predominantly achieved by the use of voluntary contributions and private donations, as well as of fines and assets recovered in relation to ICC convictions.  

TFV interventions primarily address the following categories of victims or types of trauma:

  • Victims of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), including rape, forced pregnancy, sexual slavery; also including girls abducted and/or recruited into armed groups and forcefully impregnated;
  • Widows/widowers: those whose partners were killed
  • Former child soldiers/abducted youth: children and youth forced and/or recruited into armed groups under the age of 15 (regardless of their particular role(s) played during abduction or conscription);
  • Orphans and vulnerable children: children whose parent(s) were killed or children otherwise made vulnerable by the violence;
  • Physical and mental trauma: victims who suffered a physical injury and/or who were psychologically traumatised by violence;
  • Family and other victims: family members of victims (except widows, widowers and orphans) and others who do not fall in the above categories but have been affected by violence.

The TFV’s impact is predominantly achieved through implementing partners, which are selected and monitored throughout the implementation phase, as well as through its collaboration with civil society and non-governmental organizations in the affected communities. The TFV started to provide reparative value to victims and their families through TFV assistance programmes as of 2008 in northern Uganda and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

You can find here the 2020-2021 TFV Strategic Plan in English and French.


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