Physical rehabilitation provided by the Trust Fund is the first step towards enjoying basic rights such as access to food, shelter, education, employment, equal opportunities and equal citizenship and reintegration into families and communities, schools and workplaces. Beneficiaries of our programs over the years have reported better health, increased income and improved family situations. 

Through the efforts of implementing partners, in 2018 alone the TFV provided access to rehabilitative, surgical, and medical services for 1,565 individuals who experienced physical trauma resulting from physical torture, sexual abuse, and the injuries from the aftereffects of gunshots and landmines. Female survivors accounted for approximately 57 per cent (963 individuals) of those who benefitted from the services.

Between July 2016 and December 2017, 2,422 follow up and home visits were conducted by social workers and medical providers where 44% of beneficiaries (2,939 out of 6,655) who received physical rehabilitation support were found to have resumed their normal lives.

In fact, they felt that rehabilitative assistance had given them access to equal opportunities that allowed them to enjoy human rights and to live in dignity.