The Trust Fund for Victims envisions a world where the rights of individuals are fulfilled and where survivors of the gravest human rights violations are empowered to live a life of hope, dignity and respect.

Mission statement

The Trust Fund for Victims responds to the harm resulting from the crimes under the jurisdiction of the ICC by ensuring the rights of victims and their families through the provision of reparations and assistance.


Values are the standards that guide the Trust Fund for Victims' conduct in a variety of settings. The values might be thought of as a moral compass for its business practices, including formal and informal engagement with third parties. While circumstances may change, ideally values do not. Vision and mission statements provide direction, focus, and energy to accomplish shared goals, and values express the integrity that individuals and the Trust Fund for Victims believe in. They serve as a decision-making tool that guides behaviour in daily interactions, including with the Court, the TFV Board of Directors, TFV implementing partners and the TFV Secretariat.

Core Values